How to self publish

How to self publish a book, check list and book printing option

How to self publish a book – and why you should choose independent self publishing

For at least three great reasons:

To take control of your work and get it in the public domain.
When money is to be made – make sure it comes directly to you.
Use the credibility and recognition to help you and your career.

Click here; for a great example of a successfully self published best seller

 ‘The New York Times art critic & book reviewer each want a copy of the book‘  M.Seyler – Between Two Worlds, Ursula Sternberg

With the traditional publishing houses facing financial constraints, streamlining their publishing lists and concentrating on high-profile authors, it has become increasing difficult for any aspiring authors to find a publishing deal. However, that doesn’t mean there is no hope! You can make a decision and just do it yourself.

By self publishing your book with Tricorn you will have a professionally produced, finished product to send to the large publishing houses, increasing your chances 10-fold of it being picked up. In the meantime, you are able to sell your book to ease the cash flow. Equally, by producing a small quantity of books initially, allows you to test its sales potential.

A win-win situation from as little as £399 (completed manuscripts with print ready artwork) for any aspiring or established author.

Watch our short video on print finished and options

Publishing check list before you to consider before you call

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