Fit for The King

6th QEO Gurkha Rifles Regimental Memorial book

We have just delivered this very special edition to Buckingham Palace. Hand bound by James Flavell, master Bookbinder and Restorer, in Pentland goatskin with silver foil blocking and in a black, Buckram slip case – it really is fit for The King.

Hardback versions bound in Wibalin were produced for distribution by hand in the UK and 400 softback editions were sent to Nepal for each member of the Regiment there. Text was set in both English and Nepalese for all editions.

“Having recently published my novel ‘Darling Jake’ with Tricorn Books I can certainly highly recommend them. From start to finish they gave me the best service and nothing was too much trouble. I was delighted with the finished result.”   Keith Bond, author Darling Jake

Love, discovery and sequins – one man’s journey from farm to stage. A sequel to Keith Bond’s first book, Darling Jake, this warm and optimistic story follows the protagonist as he continues his journey into adulthood and discovers his on-stage persona as a drag artiste.

When Jake leaves his rural homeland for a new life in 1960’s London, nothing could have prepared him for the turn of events that would change the course of his life. Accepting a rented room in a shared house leads him to meet a wonderful new friendship group, one that encourages and steers his life onto a new path.

We have moved!

Tricorn@Treadgolds. Still in the heart of Portsmouth, in Portsea, close to our old home at Aspex. We now have offices in this sensitively restored 19th century blacksmiths and ironmongers at the top of Bishop Street. As always, you can pop in and see us…

Out on a Limbang

Fifty years ago, at dawn on 12th December 1962, 55 elite Royal Marine Commandos and 4 Royal Navy personnel carried out a dawn attack on the town of Limbang, Sarawak, Borneo to rescue hostages taken by Indonesian rebels. Hostages included the Governor, his wife, the Chief of Police and 11 others. They were due to be executed that morning. The marines were told to expect resistance from between 100-150 well-armed rebels. Statistics later showed there were between 400-600 highly armed rebels waiting for them. The hostages were successfully rescued but at a cost of 5 Royal Marines lives and 15 badly injured. This story relates especially to the Vickers Medium Machine Gun Section (MMGs) of Support Company. The war in Borneo lasted a further 3 years. Little was known in UK about this war at the time, as media focus was constantly on the war in Vietnam. This book is a tribute to those who lost their lives, the injured and the professionalism of the Royal Marine Corps. Available on Amazon

Silver City

Portsmouth City Museum

500 years of Portsmouth’s History

Portsmouth’s Civic Silver collection is one of the finest in the country. Many of the pieces are of outstanding artistic quality and are important in the history of silver. But, perhaps even more importantly, they tell the story of the city and its people since the first object, the Bodkin Cup, was given in the Sixteenth Century.
The collection has survived civil war, revolutions and world wars. It reflects Portsmouth’s rich and varied history and its role at the centre of national and international events for over 500 years. It’s rescue from the rubble of the Guildhall in January 1941, after one of Portsmouth’s darkest days, signified the start of the rebuilding of the city. The image of my predecessor Sir Denis Daley and Lady Daley holding the Bodkin Cup in the ruins of the Guildhall says so much about the city that we live in today.

Perfect evening spent at the official opening of the Silver City exhibition, proudly supported by our latest publication. Available in hardback and soft back  from the Museum shop only.

Afghanistan at a time of peace

Article published by Daily Mail Online (Read here)

“When Afghanistan was a land of peace and plenty: British explorer’s fascinating images from 1955 Land Rover expedition show a nation unchanged since the time of Marco Polo.”

• British photographer, Christopher Balfour’s  epic journey with a team of explorers from Cambridge University
• They travelled through 11 countries in a veteran Land Rover and explored little-visited regions of Afghanistan
• Fascinating 120-page book sheds light on their expedition and shows countryside untouched by modern life

Perfectly timed piece in the Daily Mail put us at no.7 on Amazon overnight

Purchase soft back version here


New books for June

Art Space Portsmouth, 40th anniversary

Just picked up their shiny new catalogue.  Great  working with the team at Brougham Road. Thanks to Kate Street and Steve Buggle for making it such an easy ride. Check out the link below for more info on the private view this weekend.

Click here for more info

Travels with my Sketchbook

From David Charsley with all profits going to St Michaels Hospice. Available on Amazon very soon

In at the Deep End

David Richardson is a veteran farmer, businessman and communicator whose skills have been recognised over the years by both peers and admirers. During more than 50 years of writing and broadcasting about farming, food and the countryside, he has earned a reputation for straight talking and common sense. His analyses of rural issues are uncompromising. His criticisms of officialdom are penetrating and his recognition and exposure of humbug are instinctive and incisive. Click here to buy on Amazon

Two new artists’ books for exhibitions opening this week: Dazzle and Disrupt, Jeannie Driver and Lisa Traxler, Quay Arts Newport , Isle of White. Click for information on artists and exhibition. Also Lisa Traxler’s Blast Wall open now at the Foundry Gallery Chelsea

Casebound memoire Patrick O’Sullivan

It’s been a busy month. Here’s some of our new titles:

Poetry collection for kids

The Da de Da poems for Small Children by Peter Smith

Illustrated by Raphilena Bonito and available on Amazon now. Click here

Proof just arrived from our exciting new supplier 🙂

Afghanistan in a Time of Peace, will be here soon. A stunning photographic journal shot in 1955 by Christopher Balfour on his epic cross-continent road trip in a brand new Land Rover

1955 Afghanistan was in the middle of King Zahir Shah’s forty year peaceful rule of that mountainous country. Zahir had been appointed, aged 19, after his well-liked father Nadir had been assassinated in 1933. Nadir had only been appointed in 1929 when his cousin had gone into exile in Italy. His fellow-countrymen had disliked his attempts at modernisation following his trips to Europe. At this time a team from Cambridge travelled overland to Afghanistan. It was then still as described by Marco Polo six Centuries earlier:
No visible buildings. Lush grass and trees. Air so pure and salubrious to cure all sickness.

self publishing experts
What would I be … exciting new children’s book out today. Illustrated by B-Rad Alwayz. Picture book with a message. Click to buy


Price crash

Just reduced the cover price for the final few copies of Aerocar

Click here to buy on Amazon for the reduced price of £8

Barracks Forts and Ramparts. Perfect Pompey Christmas present, available mid December

Barracks, Forts and Ramparts.  is such an important piece of work, deep, intelligent and timely, with resonance and effect to help shape the future of Portsmouth. James Hamilton biographer of bestselling books on Gainsborough, Turner and Farday

Publishing, Editing, Proof reading and book printing

     Publishing, Editing, Proof reading and book printing                 Publishing, Editing, Proof reading and book printing

Socially distanced book launch at Portsmouth Historic Dockyard started off with a fantastic speech by our Lord Mayor, Rob Wood

Reviewed in The News (Portsmouth). Click here to read

Publishing, editing, proofreading and book printing service

Sweet Home Hinton Ampner.  3000 copies and counting

Charlie Flindt’s exciting new book, available now. A diary of Charlie and Hazel Flindt’s farm; 920 acres of heavy land on the National Trust-owned estate at Hinton Ampner. Click here for recent press

In 2015, Charlie decided that the time was right to record, in the finest detail, a year on a normal, non-organic, non-rare breed farm – the sort of farm that forms the vast majority of the countryside, and feeds an even higher proportion of the population. The result is a comprehensive daily record of weather, farm activities, band rehearsals, gruesome medical matters, rural crime, and, of course, Tuesday nights in the Flowerpots pub. A farm diary like you’ve never read before.

Publishing, Editing, Proof reading and book printing

Really looking forward to promoting this exciting new title based on the heroic Raid on Limbang by the Royal Marines in 1962. A fictionalised account by a Marine who was there. Alan Shoubridge’s witty but factual account is well worth a read.

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