Childrens book illustration

Book illustration for front covers and children's books

We are fortunate to have in our team a highly skilled and experienced illustrator. Therefore we are able to produce high quality, book illustrations for children’s books. For instance, this could be anything from a simple line drawing or copy of a photo to a collection of full colour illustrations for use throughout your manuscript. Furthermore, we can offer original drawings for front and back cover designs and internal pages. Our team are happy to work from your specifications or to produce a range of roughs to choose from.

Simple chapter breaks, logos or portraits can be quick, simple and affordable. Furthermore, they can bring you publication alive and can cast as little as £20 per drawing. As specialists in book illustration and children’s books, we can take on any style or request within reason – just tell us what you need!

Examples below for book illustration in children’s books or click here to view our children’s book collection

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