When I finished my book, I ran it past several conventional publishers. None of them liked it. It’s a full year’s diary all about modern, real-life, hi-tec farming, and that’s just not fashionable. “Thanks, but no thanks!” was the slightly sniffy message. However, Dan and the team at Tricorn Books loved it, and were fantastic at giving it a good polish, and organising the publishing, packaging and printing. Sales have now passed two thousand, and I’m thrilled and enormously grateful that Tricorn Books were so keen to get involved. I know where I’ll be going with the next book. Charlie Flindt
Charlie Flindt
Author / Farmer

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Affordable self publishing and book printing specialists, providing a personal service to authors. We will guide you every step of the way and will always be there to take your call.

We understand how important your book is to you and are happy to support you on this exciting journey. The books we produce are of a quality that will sit happily on the shelf of any leading book shop, giving the author the credibility and confidence they need when selling their work. Over the last 10 years we have been successful in attracting and supporting first time authors by nurturing a personal working relationship.

Tricorn is a small, local company that packs a punch, having worked with some high profile, national and international clients, as well as many local authors. Happy clients  include The Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment, Alex Thomson Racing & Hugo Boss and the Royal Navy; Falkland Islands’ Government, Nephrology specialist Dr RF Mushtaq and international artist Ursula Sternberg.

Our prices are competitive, our policy transparent and our authors the focus of our attention in everything we do. Memoirs, art, history; fiction or fact – contact us now to find out more from leading publishers in Portsmouth.

Having worked on projects with Dan and his team for around a decade as an author, a collaborator, and on location, I can attest to his commitment. A prompt and honest communicator, he has always gone above and beyond to get things right. With Tricorn you'll find none of the inflexibility or hidden surprises that can disrupt the simple desire to create something original, with attention to detail, and with a constant eye on mutual commercial success.
Alex Hibbert
Polar Explorer

Book publishing consultantcy

Dan Bernard

Managing Director

We originally set up 131 Design Ltd specialising in creative photography, design and film, establishing an exciting client list and folio of work. However, the unique financial climate in 2008 quickly suggested we needed to diversify to stay afloat, so we developed Tricorn Books. The name, Tricorn Books originated from our first publishing client, Dr Celia Clark and her tour de force work The Tricorn: The Life and Death of a Sixties Icon; twelve years on Celia is still a client and Tricorn Books is going from strength to strength.

With over 300 books to our credit and a client list as diverse as The Household Cavalry, Hugo Boss and Polar explorer Alex Hibbert, we continue to push the boundaries. We have travelled to the Falklands, Borneo,  Svalbard and New Zealand on commissions, met some fascinating people and had unparalleled access to many unique locations and events.

It’s been a good journey so far ….

Gail Baird, Co-founder and Consultant

With a background in marketing communications and design, my areas of expertise perfectly complemented the team. Having worked with national and international clients, run my own business and worked freelance for many years, I developed valuable client-facing skills that enabled me to understand our client’s needs through active listening, solve problems by critical thinking and develop successful working relationships.

Now dividing my time between Tricorn Books and Portsmouth Football Club’s charitable arm, Pompey in the Community, I continue to support our authors on all aspects while developing our strategy and direction.

Liz Bourn, Editor and Proof reader

I started my publishing career at the age of eight when I wrote and illustrated a book about the kings and queens of England. Unfortunately, it wasn’t picked up by a major publisher, probably because I only had the patience to cover four of our monarchs, and my range of felt tip pens was limited to yellow, pink and green.

A few years on, following a stint at a video production company in Fulham and many years representing Great Britain at Ultimate Frisbee, I landed a job at Harper Collins Publishers in London. Here in the natural history department I learnt the craft of editing and proofreading, eventually managing the Collins Gem series and highly renowned New Naturalist books. I even got to meet David Attenborough.

Following the birth of my first child, I continued to work with Harper Collins in a freelance capacity, and then moved on to writing for magazines. In the belief that having three children under the age of five wasn’t challenge enough, I decided to launch my own magazine. I ran this for four years before selling on the business. Since then, I have been a newspaper editor, taught media writing at the University of Portsmouth and now offer editing and writing services for a range of clients. And I still occasionally throw a Frisbee too.

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