Find Me If You Can

Book Cover: Find Me If You Can
Editions:Paperback: £ 8.99
Size: 126.00 x 198.00 in
Pages: 220
Publisher: Tricorn Books

Cameron Lamb - fiction

Adam Greaves opened his eyes, for him the first time in his
life. He stared at the ceiling and for a moment felt that he
was slowly floating between the bed and a large globe that was
hanging down like a stalactite towards him… He blinked and
shook his head, gradually the image of a room started to take
on a strange blurred shape.

By some natural instinct Adam moved his head from side
to side, rubbing both his eyes vigorously until they started to
hurt, he pulled the mask off which was covering his mouth and
nose and took a long deep breath. He could hear the sound
of ringing noises in both of his ears. Shaking his head again and
blinking the room gradually started to focus, white and sterile
with that familiar smell he recognized almost immediately as a
hospital. He raised his head very slowly and cautiously from the
soft pillow support and looked around One window, one chair,
one bedside cabinet, various medical instruments and a mirror.
“Where the hell am I?” Adam shouted out…

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