A Fistful of Poems – Shohid Khan

Book Cover: A Fistful of Poems - Shohid Khan
Editions:Paperback: £ 8.99
ISBN: 9781912821716
Size: 156.00 x 234.00 in
Pages: 148

A Fistful of Poems is a small description of human life,
related to nature and one another. It is written in poetic
form. Effort has been made to make it funny, bringing out
the humour and joyous circumstances to make it a pleasant
read. Readers are the best judge of that!

There are many issues concerning human life. Man goes
through many situations and circumstances, from birth to
old age. It concerns relationships, feelings, observations
and reactions. The writer has tried to capture all those
adventures in this book.

There are storylines of changing fortune described in
this book. The writer shows the world through the eyes
of a simple innocent boy on an aeroplane and then on
the ground. He describes the feeling and reaction in a
big foreign city with different cultures and creeds. And
the description of an unfortunate refugee, his changing
life and circumstances, told beautifully through the
verses of poetry.

Publisher: Tricorn Books

Face masks are useless
Against the virus.
They may be mandatory,
Maybe not,
But wear them anyway!
Shopkeeper and shopper
Must wear a mask!
Shops are to remain closed,
Except those shops,
Have to remain open.
You must not go to work,
But, can go, if you need to go!
You should not go
To the doctor or to hospital,
Unless you have to go there!
Gloves won’t help,
But wear them anyway!
Don’t visit old people,
But take care of them with
Food, drink and medicine.
If you are sick,
You can go out when you are well,
Anyone else in the house
Is not allowed to go out,
Unless they need to go out.
You must not leave the house
For any reason.
But if you have a reason,
You can go out!


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