Self Publishing

How self publishing works

Self publishing with Tricorn Books, is the simplest and most reliable way to get your book on shelves. Nowadays, content is king, and we understand that better than anyone else. Our app makes it easy for self-publishing authors to edit titles, upload images, create vivid blurbs and short synopses—all in a few clicks flat. There’s no easier way for an author to make their book dream come true: Tricorn Books has taken care of everything from formatting pages with our expert design team all the way through to print. So just concentrate on writing down your stories or poems or memoirs or recipes—whatever you want people to read!

With so many publishing companies unwilling to take risks on new authors, Tricorn Books is here to fill the void. Our app makes it easy for anyone with a story in their heart to write and publish instantly! It only takes 3 clicks, and 5 minutes of your time before you can be up and running – there’s no easier publishing experience than that.

The Self publishing app is designed to allow the user to upload and manage their own publication.

Pay an initial deposit and create a unique private area to fill out a series of simple to follow instructions.

Steps include

  1. Author details
  2. Basic decisions on your front cover design
  3. Uploading your manuscript
  4. Uploading images if necessary
  5. A publishing overview
  6. Make your initial 50% deposit payment
  7. You can download terms and conditions, a publishing contract and eventually follow the progression of your book toward final print and delivery

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