An inspiring collection of student lived experiences

Book Cover: YOU ARE A LIMITED EDITION - TG Consulting
Editions:Paperback - First Edition: £ 8.99
ISBN: 9781912821822
Size: 156.00 x 234.00 cm
Pages: 116

TG Consulting are delighted to bring you this collection of lived student experiences. As a business our ethos is breaking down barriers to employment and creating opportunities for those who face challenges. We work with educational institutions and employers across employability activity, student engagement, social mobility, and diversity and inclusion.

Daily, we work with students like those featured in this book, and we are delighted that they have decided to share their stories and experiences with you, to help provide reassurance and inspiration to all and in particular, other young people.

Publisher: Tricorn Books

‘ I have learnt about my own personal strength, which is more phenomenal than I ever would have realized. I have learnt that I cannot do this on my own. I have learnt the power in asking for help. I have learnt there is no shame in not being ok, that everyone on some level, has their own personal struggles…’

Reviews:on Amazon:

Hearing real-life stories from people my own age has really given me a new perspective on life and has shown me that I can accomplish anything if I put my mind to it. The book has over 24 chapters and real-life experiences that feel raw and very true. They outline the big and little barriers in one's life and that although sometimes life can be extremely hard, it can and will get better. Definitely pick this book up if you feel you are alone, and learn that you are not!

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