Salecology – Unleash your sales Superpower

Emotionally Intelligent Selling

Book Cover: Salecology  - Unleash your sales Superpower
Size: 156.00 x 234.00 in

Salecology Unleash your sales superpower.
This book will empower you with a range of tools and
techniques to cultivate strong relationships, build trust,
and create an irresistible value proposition that leaves your
competitors in the dust.

If you’re ready to boost your sales numbers, create lasting
customer loyalty, and unlock your ultimate selling potential, then
“Salecology Unleash Your Sales Superpower!” is the one book
you cannot afford to miss.

This book isn’t about following the same, worn-out scripts,
tactics and cliches; instead, it covers a unique, scientifically
backed approach that weaves together insights from psychology,
neuroscience, and behavioural economics to supercharge your
sales strategies.

With “Salecology,” you’ll learn how to tap into your innate selling
abilities, hone your influencing techniques, and truly connect with
your customers on a deeply personal level. Step into the shoes
of the world’s most successful salespeople as you discover the
secrets to their unbeatable sales acumen.

Publisher: Tricorn Books

As with the majority of salespeople, I fell into sales. My parents told me I needed to get a job so I found one – in sales. It’s a job people take when
they are trying to determine what they want to do in life. And as with the majority, I found out I was good at it, loved it in fact, and enjoyed
the various aspects of it, the interaction, the creativity, the fun of the chase, influencing outcomes and of course the rewards, especially the
commission and the things I could buy. What is interesting is that back on the late 80s, sales training and development was a little scarce to
say the least. It was more sink or swim, watch and listen to others, copy what worked and drop what doesn’t.


Over the past 30 years a lot has
changed in sales, and now we have all sorts of processes, technology, sales aids, and many organisations have broken down the sales roles to
create teams of hunters (new business) and those who are more farmers (account managers).

Nowadays there are all sorts of great sales improvement training programmes out there. I am sure you have already been on some
training, but here is the question – did it help? Over $45bn was spent on sales training last year alone, and over 80% of it failed to make an impact.
That’s because, as you’ll learn in this book, knowing what to do is very different from being able to do it. Which leads to an age-old question –
are great salespeople born or are they made?

Reviews:Jonathan Hamer wrote:

“Salecology is a game-changer! It’s a secret weapon that equips sales
professionals with the tools and strategies to conquer any market. A must read for anyone serious about achieving sales excellence.”

Tom Love, Sales Director wrote:

Superpowers indeed! Effectively applied these concepts guarantee to put you in the top 10% of sales people globally.

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