Darling Jake

Book Cover: Darling Jake
Editions:Paperback: £ 8.99
ISBN: 9781914615764
Size: 129.00 x 198.00 in

Love, discovery and sequins – one man’s journey from farm to stage

A sequel to Keith Bond’s first book, Jake, this warm and optimistic story follows the protagonist as he continues his journey into adulthood and discovers his on-stage persona as a drag artiste.

When Jake leaves his rural homeland for a new life in 1960’s London, nothing could have prepared him for the turn of events that would change the course of his life. Accepting a rented room in a shared house leads him to meet a wonderful new friendship group, one that encourages and steers his life onto a new path.

With the support of his friends and the adoration of his fans, Jake’s new life as a drag artiste, Rusty L’amour, propels him into a new world – one of performance, glamour and big wigs. And all alongside his devoted partner Jim.

But it’s not all sequins and bling. Things go wrong. Disasters occur. But with the help of his friends and family, Jake persists in living his dream … and supporting those who have helped him get there.

Darling Jake reveals the ups and downs of performing as a drag artiste, as well as offering an insight into the supportive and rigorous life on stage.

Other books by the author


Murder is an Art Form (currently unpublished)

Publisher: Tricorn Books

Farm labourer Jake Wiggins has ‘come out’ as gay to his mother, step-father and employer.

He’s itching to leave the farm in the Midlands to start a new life in London where everything is happening, parties, a vibrant gay scene, arts, culture, theatre, he desperately wants to be a part of all that.

Having been left a substantial legacy by his Godmother he intends to get temporary lodgings, until he finds a property to buy.

He makes friends with camp Ricci and his Australian boyfriend
Toby who live in the flat upstairs. Ricci invites Jake to a party in his flat and introduces him to a vision of a man called Jim.
Surprisingly, Ricci becomes the catalyst to launch Jake into the
glittering world of show business and ultimately stardom.

It’s all a bit of a drag, but someone has to do it!


About the author

Keith Bond was born in Warwickshire and over his career has lived in London and Brighton. He now lives in Hampshire with his partner, John, where he enjoys writing, photography, graphic design and cooking. Darling Jake is his third book.

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