Why Tricorn?


Service, support and, most unusually these days, someone to talk too is what you get from Tricorn Books, specialists in self publishing. Whether you are a first time author, Turkish accountant, indie poet or even the most recognisable regiment in the British Army, our level of service and personalisation is what sets us apart from other self publishers in Hampshire and beyond.

We are small enough to be able to get to know each of our authors; we care about their work and aspirations; their success is our success, so forming a relationship, based on trust and respect is important, and what we strive to do. That relationship doesn't end when the book is finished either; we love to know how well author and book are doing, and will do everything we can, as part of our after-sales care to support them both.

We are big enough to be able to provide a broad range of skills and expertise that will cover all eventualities, with enough experience and sensitivity to deal with everything thrown at us, from working with autistic author, Bill Furlong to meeting HRH The Princess Royal when launching Uniquely British.

Cost is a major factor when you want to publish your own book, so we charge a one-off fee, dependent on your needs; we are open about our pricing and it won't change if the job doesn't change. On top of that are your print costs, which are competitive and will allow you to recoup your investment. These are the only two costs you need to pay, making Tricorn Books affordable self-publishing.

Whilst we offer self-publishing packages on the website, if you're not sure, or they don't quite fit what you have in mind, we are flexible and will happily work with you in a different way - again - to suit you and your needs.

'Authors keeping control' is very important to us. We understand that after having spent considerable time, effort and a lot of hard work producing a publishable manuscript, the author is likely to be quite attached to it, care about its future and wants to have input in its development. At the beginning we will discuss the whole project with you: what your aspirations are, why you want to publish, how you see the book looking, plus anything else that matters to you. From this information we will develop a plan with you of how best to go forwards, and as every author and every book is different, this plan will be shaped by you for you.

Equally, if you say to us, ‘Here we go. I have written this book. Have it, do your best by it,’ we will, by producing a book you will be proud of.

Call us, email, drop us a line, or even stop by for a good old chat to realise your ambitions.

Case Study - Uniquely British - 10,000 copies - Client: Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment.

Working with the Household Cavalry is just that – uniquely British and a very different experience. Having delivered 10,000 books that were received with delight, on time, on budget and according to plan, it proved not only a successful and rewarding experience but also a privilege and absolute pleasure.

The aim of the Household Cavalry in producing a book was very clear: to make the most amount of money with the least amount of risk for their newly created charitable foundation. Three options had been identified as potentially viable ways forward. The first route was via a traditional publisher who would upfront the cost, take control, reap most of the rewards and offer back around 10% of the cover price to the foundation. Second, to go Print on Demand and remove the financial investment, but compromise on expectations and quality, or thirdly, to look at publishing the book independently where the Cavalry would pay for a service, retain control and keep all the proceeds. We were approached as a potential third option.

A couple of days after the Royal Wedding in 2011, we got a phone call that made us stand up and almost salute. It was from a captain of the Household Cavalry asking for details about publishing a book about the regiment, using some unique photography they had of the Royal Wedding and from behind the scenes. After picking ourselves up from the floor, and not quite knowing whether the inquiry was genuine, we responded with suggestions, ideas, a proposal and then a meeting – just to chat and offer an insight into the process of independent publishing for the Household Cavalry to maximise revenue on book sales.

Then it was summer and all went quiet, and it was not until the autumn when this was back on their agenda, and the line of inquiry had been upped a notch or two in terms of importance and urgency. 

At this stage the Household Cavalry had just about every publisher in the country knocking on their door in pursuit of this unique opportunity. But not many of those could offer what we could, which is a truly comprehensive, cost effective and personal publishing service that includes professional photography, experienced design, marketing expertise, publishing know-how, print and print management, project management with ultimate flexibility, on their terms and most importantly, to produce a substantial and sumptuous book, in keeping with their exceptional standards and meet, if not surpass, their expectations and that would have the potential to generate an enormous amount of money for charity. We knew we could deliver this – what we had to do was convince the Cavalry.

We worked with the Commanding Officer and one other officer initially, in pulling together and fine-tuning a brief, specifications, costings and schedule of works that would form the basis of our contract; it wasn’t until the CO signed the contract at the beginning of 2012 that we were officially assigned to the job. 

An ‘Opps’ room was established at the barracks in Knightsbridge as our HQ, several officers were deployed on the project and our schedule was put into place.

The first, and most pressing job was to locate and collate photography of events since, and including the Royal Wedding, and to ensure all future events the Cavalry were engaged in were covered by at least one professional photographer, which meant either ourselves or seasoned royal freelancer, Julian Calder, who had been covering the Household Cavalry and other royal events for the last 25 years. 

Our role wasn’t passive, i.e. obtain the files, lay them out and print them. We had to lead the project, often dragging the team to deadlines and decisions. We had to remain focused and diligent, and take responsibility, ensuring that all the Ts were crossed and Is dotted at every stage. Furthermore, we had to work with an organisation, its decision makers and officers that quite possibly have one of the highest profiles and pedigrees in the country.

Print and print management is a crucial aspect of any production and in this case required endless discussion, investigation and testing to find the optimum specification, process and materials to produce a book of high quality that also represented good value.

Whilst for a print job of this size, the Far East might be the immediate place to go but it was important for us to be able to work closely and in collaboration with a printer; already having an excellent working relationship with printers, W&G Baird in Northern Ireland, allowed us to develop the product with confidence.

Like any project or plan, things get done and ticked off when everyone is happy: concepts, design, layout; photographic selection, editing, shoots; writing, captions, copy editing, proofing; amends, corrections, amends, corrections; intro, foreword, credits; colours, papers, materials; covers, endpapers, dust jacket; funding, sponsorship, endorsements, partners; acknowledgements; more amends, corrections, amends, corrections; marketing, distribution, sales. The Royal Launch.

It was through a lot of hard work from ourselves, traveling up to Knightsbridge for meetings and photo shoots, plus from the dedicated officers at the other end that we pulled the book together, and it was through organisation and effective communication that the project went according to a well devised and executed plan. 

Whilst the experience initially felt a bit like a ‘David and Goliath’ type scenario, it is evident that being able, skilled, flexible, willing, intelligent, enthusiastic, mature and ‘can do’ professionals is actually what makes Tricorn work.

10,000 books were delivered to the Household Cavalry, on time, on budget and exceeding expectations by Tricorn Books - quite an achievement by anybody's standards! check out our design service @ http://131design.org