Proofing & Editing

Having written your book, it is advisable to get someone else to have a look at it, as by the time you have finished writing you very often cannot see mistakes. Not just someone to give you an objective overview but someone who will also consider the structure of the book and flow of the 'story'.  They don't necessarily have to be a professional copy editor but if you don't know anyone suitable, this is an option and one we can provide.

A copy editor would go through your manuscript checking on the structure, consistency, clarity, accuracy and flow, and will enhance your work whilst maintaining your style. They would mark up changes on your script for you to go through and check, so that you adopt the recommendations as you want them. This should be done before proof reading.

Proof reading will ensure correct use of English grammar, spelling and punctuation, as well as correct use of language and words, in the context of the book.

Some authors are reticent to look at these aspects of the publishing process for fear they will appear less credible; please don't think that is the case - proof reading and copy editing are particular skills - some writers have them more and some have them less! Even notable authors aren't necessarily good at spelling or have perfect grammar - their strength is writing and story telling, and they rely on other professionals to help them develop a good, polished read.

Both tasks should be done before we start to layout the pages and whilst we make every effort to highlight text jumble and inaccuracies, it is good to get it right. We can provide estimates of timing and costs for both of these services.