Book Marketing Support

Particularly For First Time Novel Publishers

Book Marketing - You’ve written your book, rewritten it, binned it, then tried again. Once you’re happy with your manuscript and have got to the point of getting it printed, you want to make sure that people will read it. So how does you audience get to hear about it? That’s where we can help.

 Tailored to you - We don’t have a ‘one size fits all’ approach to marketing. We like to know what your expectations are and then work out how we can best help you. We’ve created some different book marketing packages for you to choose from, but with a little flexibility built in to make sure it suits you and your book.

Get in touch to discuss your marketing package.

 Main aim is discoverability and to tell people your book is there.

A5 single-sided flyers that give a brief overview of the book, an image of the book cover plus details on how to buy a copy. Perfect for handing out at appropriate occasions or leaving in your local library.

A6 postcards with the book cover on the front plus details of how to buy a copy, with the standard postcard reverse so that you can pop it in the post to your target audience.

A handy piece of marketing for people to pick up and keep, then be reminded of your book every time they sit down to read.

Pull-up banner
A large banner that can be easily stored and transported to your book launch, signings and other promotional events.

Large posters to put up at events or on public noticeboards to promote your book.

Business cards
When you’re out and about speaking to people, hand them a business card as a reminder.

Information sheet
When contacting potential distributors, it is useful to have an information sheet that outlines all the key information about you and your book.

Press release
If you want to contact local and national media you will need to send them a press release. We can write an engaging release for you and advise you where to send it, or even send it for you.

Overrun book covers
Get people interested in your book, before it’s all printed and bound. We can provide you with 20 book covers, a useful promotional tool, especially when the insides aren’t quite ready.
Review copies
Send a copy of your book to a magazine or newspaper for review. You can then use a quote from the reviewer in other marketing material.

Social media support
Don’t know your tweets from your shares? Let us help you with an:
•    author-specific Facebook page
•    author-specific Twitter account
•    author-specific Gmail email address (used to register for the above accounts)
We’ll set them up and show you how best to use them.
We will set you up with an author profile on this popular website, where readers discuss their favourite books and share recommendations.

A website is a key selling tool for an author. Both readers and distributors will want to know a bit more about your book and the person behind it. We can design, host and maintain your website, plus write the key content.

Book trailer video or author interview
Short video content is an excellent way to promote your book. It can be popped on your website or shared on social media and can give a great overview of you and your work.

See table below for marketing plans available and prices - this does not include design, publishing, or book printing click here for more details

  Basic £600 Premium £800 Super Premium £2000
100 x flyers  x  x  x
100 x A6 postcards  x  x  x
100 x bookmarks  x  x  x
1 x pull-up banner  x  x  x
4 x A2 posters  x  x  x
250 business cards  x  x  x
Book information sheet    x  x
Press release    x  x
20 x overrun book covers    x  x
5 x review copies    x  x
Social media support (Facebook and Twitter)    x  x
Author profile on      x
Dedicated website (including basic content writing)      x
Book trailer video or author interview      x